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“All you have to do is look at a new born child and watch their eyes move around”

Buzz Aldrin

 Over the next 7 post we will be introducing you to the Cocoon Child concept, our little dream of the values that we strive to fill our children’s lives with. The values that we want to pass to our children and the abilities that we want to nurture in them – the ‘things’ you don’t learn by being told or taught but through experience and interactions. These values form the DNA of Cocoon Child, they are in everything we do and in all the choices we make.

Our first is ‘Explore

The definition of ‘explore’ is to travel through the unknown in order to learn or discover something new. The freedom to explore is one of the greatest freedoms we have and the very best way of learning about so much in life. And you don’t need to go to faraway locations to experience it, you don’t need to go further then your garden – it’s about being open to the unknown, discovering it, embracing it & getting absorbed in it.

⭐️ Children are exploring constantly, everything is unknown and new to a child who is soaking in everything around them, curiously learning and growing at every step but these days more children are admitted to hospital due to falling out of bed then they are from falling out of a tree. ⭐️

In the UK, “fewer than one in ten children regularly play in wild places; compared to almost half a generation ago”. Shockingly this generation spends on average seven hours watching a screen of some sort and statistically, in America, children today are on average spending less time outdoors than adult prisoners.

⭐️ But even just five minutes’ “green exercise” a day can produce rapid improvements in mental well-being and self-esteem, with the greatest benefits experienced children.

At Cocoon Child  we believe that exploration it is at the centre of everything we do in life and the message to ‘never stop exploring’ is one of the best messages that you could ever give your children—for us it means never losing your sense of wonder, your curiosity and your excitement for life.

Through our collection we armour kids for every adventure, below are a couple of outfits to see your little ones through every season.

For all your wet weather needs we bring you Grass & Air, a British born brand with technological know-how and great design at their heart. Colour changing wellies, full coverage puddle suits and fully waterproof and water resistant rain coats for kids from ages 2 – 8. Click image for details.

dear sophie stockist kids collection uk cocoon child

Not only warm, soft and super cute, our Dear Sophie range of childrenswear consists of hoodies, trackie bottoms, leggings and onesies are beautifully and ethically made using 100% GOTS cottons.

ladies upf Cocoon Child Beach Bandits buy uk

Come rain or shine, we’ve got your little explorers well covered with our UPF50+ sunsafe beach wear from Beach & Bandits, who are one of our top sellers year after year. AND this year they added our favourite style in Mama’s size! We snapped ours up and tested them out and can say with certainty that these lovely suits should be part of every beach wardrobe.

These are just a tiny selection of our explorer togs, check out our full collection for many more ideas.

We look forward to sharing the next value in our concept with you very soon.


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