Our 6 Step guide to staying warm while looking cool.

At Cocoon Child, we believe Summer is more than a season it’s an attitude and we believe that clothing that reflects sunshine vibes and positivity can do a heck of a lot for those Winter blues. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that the vitamin D from sunshine, even crispy cold Winter Sunshine, produces serotonin which makes you and those little beauties of yours happeir, so our advice this Winter is to try to get outside and soak up some of those chilly rays every day, even if just briefly.

It’s also a misbelief that it’s the cold weather that causes all the winter colds and illnesses – when in fact it’s often the increase of time spent inside with warm air and little ventilation that makes the exposure to germs much greater.

So as long as they’re cocooned up well there is no reason why the English Winter should stop your fun, here is Cocoon Child’s 6 step guide to keeping warm and looking cool this winter.

#1 The key to warmth is layers, start with one of our long-sleeved tees like our ‘Chamonix Dreaming’ or ‘Rocky’ styles from our Parisian brand Hundred Pieces.

chamonix dreaming hundred piecesHundred Pieces Cocoon Child AW17_0003_TShirt rocky tiger kids clothes



#2 Add a warm sweater. Rylee and Cru’s loop sweater is so cosy they won’t want to take it off and Bandy Button’s chunky Woolfi sweater is the epitome of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Loop Knit sweater Rylee and Cry

#3 The essential outerwear – The Tootsa 3-Way jacket is the perfect winter jacket. Warm, waterproof, colourful AND it converts into a gilet with 2 easy zips!

Tootsa Macginty Jacket Cocoon Child                Tootsa Macginty Jacket Cocoon Child gilet

#4 Our Bonnie Mob ‘Bamboo’ trousers are extra fleecy so they’ll keep those little legs toastie but a top tip – always carry a pair of leggings in case it gets too cold or they get wet, our Turtledove London leggings fold up into pocket size saviours.


Bonnie mob trousers grey                                                        Turtledove cocoonchild monochrome legging

#5 The Veja high-top trainers with leather outer and wool lined inners keep feet so warm and cosy they have to be felt to be believed.


#6 And finally a toastie head is a happy head as that’s where we lose most of our heat, so our Fallen Broken Street beanies are an absolute essential and £5 from every sale get donated to Children with Cancer UK

fallen broken street Cocoon Child.

With our sale now on, there’s no better time for your little ones to get cocooned up and embrace the February freeze with sunshine in their pockets every step of the way.

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