This Christmas we wanted to have some fun and get the reindeers involved in the party! Did you know that there are 9 reindeers – each with a very unique personality, just like us humans and this one is the infamous Rudie, the red nose reindeer.



The most powerful of the reindeer, Donner (meaning ‘thunder’ in German) is always out front and loves to help others who are not as strong as him.

Donner personalities are creative and strong and love music, they’re often found singing to themselves or whistling their favourite tune. Donner’s are great listeners and gives good advice. They have many friends and are happiest when they’re surrounded by people.

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This year we are doing things a little differently, due to the financial uncertainty of running a small biz and sustainability concerns we have decided to partner with a fantastic factory (powered by renewable energy) in the Isle of Wight who will print our orders as they come in.

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As always if you have any questions or want me to put an order in for you, just email us at [email protected] .

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This one is Donner – the strong one