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It all started in the early 1980’s when our Mum entered a national poetry competition to win a brand new Bedford Trailblazer caravan. She blew the judges away with her creativity and was quickly named the winner, and from that point onwards our summer holidays were transformed forever. Piling our little family of five into the van we’d head off around the UK and Europe – seeking out adventure as we went (and the dreamiest of camping spots).

The excitement and anticipation of school holidays was just magical – that carefree sense of wonder as we skipped out of the school gates. The days seemed endless and the opportunities for adventure were everywhere. We built sand castles in the sunshine, danced through puddles in the rain, played hide and seek through enchanted woods, conjured up imaginary stories with new friends, and the outside world felt like a happy place where anything was possible.

As the years have passed that feeling of nostalgia for those carefree days has never left us. Our passion for travelling the world, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and carving out new directions in life has continued to grow, and despite becoming three very different, and independent souls, that shared quest still defines us as the people we are today.

We are Laura, Georgia and Liv – three sisters, two Mummas and the loveliest Auntie. Between us we have a little cousin clan of four, three girls and one boy. Four cheeky little life loving munchkins who continually bring us adventure and entertainment.

After travelling, working and living abroad for periods of our adult lives, Liv and I have now settled back in and around London, while Georgia is still enjoying her ‘year out’ in Sydney (12 years later). Despite being 10,000 miles apart we are in daily contact and our children are as close as cousins can be, albeit with a predominantly virtual relationship.

We strive to live life with our glasses topped up to at least half way (especially if it’s a margarita at sunset) and to see summer as a state of mind that can be present come rain or shine or sleet or snow. While we embrace life with both hands we have common ethical values that we work hard to pass down to our children. We want our children to grow up in a world where they are excited by the endless adventures waiting for them the moment they step outside their door. Where they are encouraged to explore, to wonder, to learn, to unite, to be brave, to be hopeful, to be kind and to play.

Through our collection of sunny, good vibe brands we are building a platform for you to access a pocket full of sunshine all year round bringing positivity and style to your little ones lives.

Stay tuned and watch this space.

Laura xx

The Thomas sisters – Laura, Olivia & Georgia x

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